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Audiofly AF180 Quad Drivers IEM Earphones with Replaceable Cable - Stone Blue

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  • Quadruple balanced armature driver configuration

  • Harmonious distribution of treble, midrange and bass

  • Audioflex SL cable with low profile jack design

  • Detachable cable with robust connection system

  • Large selection of Comply Foam tips and high grade silicon eartips

Audiofly AF180 Quad Drivers IEM Earphones with Replaceable Cable - Stone Blue

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Audiofly AF180

Audiofly's flagship monitor earphones AF180 are armed with four balanced armature transducers to offer unequalled speed, clarity and detail. Superb, dependable accuracy make these IEMs ideal for professional stage use and analytical high fidelity listening.

Equipped with a quartet of BA drivers and expertly tuned by Audiofly, the AF180 offers an incredibly smooth frequency response with a clear and balanced sound signature. To make sure the drivers collaborate seamlessly, the AF180 have been equipped with an internal crossover.

Audiofly AF180 earphones include a detachable, flexible Audioflex SL twisted cable with Cordura fabric reinforcement. With included Comply foam and silicon replacement eartips the AF180 will be suitable for a variety of different shaped ears and user preferences.

Unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Audiofly AF180

Quad Drivers
Equipped with four balanced armature drivers, the AF180 offers an unbelievably smooth-textured frequency response with a lucid and perfectly balanced sound signature.

AF180 are built with an internal crossover feeding the audio signal to the appropriate driver for highs, mids and low offering a balanced, accurate and fast paced listening experience.

Audioflex System
Roadworthy and built for the stage, the super light Audioflex cable features a mouldable section of cable for over the ear fit and tough CORDURA R fabric reinforcing the remainder.

Detachable Cable
Audiofly's proprietary robust connection system Soundpatch enables the changing of the cables for easy replacement and upgrade.

Tailored Fit
Three sizes of dome silicon tips, tri-flange silicon tips, and Comply foam tips are included, while the mouldable over-ear cable will follow the contours of your ears.

Included Accessories
Canvas wallet for protection of your IEMs, with ample storage for spare ear tips and accessories. Also in the package you will find a stereo 6.35mm jack adaptor, airline adaptor and cleaning tool.

 Audiofly AF180


  • Drivers: Quadruple balanced armature
  • Frequency Range: 15Hz - 25kHz
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Connector: 3.5mm gold-plated, right-angled
  • Cable Length: 1.6m
Audiofly AF180


  • Quadruple balanced armature driver design with built in crossover
  • Even distribution of treble, midrange and bass
  • Unparalleled speed, impressive clarity and superior musical detail
  • Passive crossover splits audio signal and routes it to appropriate driver
  • Detachable cable with proprietary robust connection system
  • Audioflex SL twisted cable with low profile design for stage use
  • Mouldable over-ear cable for secure fit
  • Selection of Comply foam tips and high grade silicon eartips

 Audiofly AF180


  • Audiofly AF180 Stone Blue
  • 3 Comply Foam Tips (S/M/L)
  • 3 Single-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L)
  • 3 Tri-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L)
  • Audioflex SL twisted audio cable
  • Storage wallet
  • 6.35mm jack adaptor
  • Flight adaptor
  • Shirt clip
  • Cleaning tool

Audiofly AF180

Product TypeEarphones
Feature KeywordComfortable, Ear Canal, IEM, In Ear, Lightweight, Monitor, Noise Isolation, Portable, Professional, Studio
Recommended UseDigital audio player, Portable audio system, Studio
Manufacturer Warranty2 Years
Included Accessories3 Comply Foam Tips (S/M/L), 3 Single-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L), 3 Tri-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L), Audioflex SL twisted audio cable, Storage wallet, 6.35mm jack adaptor, Flight adaptor, Shirt clip, Cleaning tool
Part NumberAF1801-0-03
Headphone Fit TypeIn-Ear
Headphones TypeHeadphones - binaural
Cable EntryN/A
Cable Length1.6m
Connector AngleAngled
Connector TypeHeadphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)
Detachable CableYes
Driver SizeNo
Driver TypeBalanced Armature
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Earcup DesignN/A
Frequency Response15Hz - 25kHz
Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Headphones TechnologyBalanced Armature
Number of DriversQuad Drivers
Sound Isolation (dB)No
Sound Output ModeStereo
Smartphone CompatibilityN/A
Smartphone ControlsNo
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)No
Wireless TechnologyN/A

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Customer Reviews

by Matt on 29/04/2015
I was so excited to buy these after having read such glowing reviews. I plugged them snugly into my ears, pressed play..... and they sounded horrible. I was gutted. But they soon got better - a lot better. Wow, I never realised just how much detail I had been missing with my old headphones (which weren't cheap).
They are very secure, comfortable and seem to be very well made. Audio quality is just phenomenal - after you've allowed them to burn in.
Amazing sound but first pair had to be RMAed
by Matthew on 21/11/2014
Purchase these with the plan of having an iem equivalent of my hifiman he400i. As far as sound and comfort go these are spot on, crisp highs, smooth mids and deep bass. Best of all I can hardly feel them during use.

However, my first pair had an intermittent crackle in the right side. I thought it might be a problem with my kit being incompatible but it occurred with my just audio uha 120ds, my o2 amp, my phone and my PC out; all using FLAC files from TIDAL.

Sorting out a replacement as I type this and hopefully they will be perfect but a bit disappointing to spend £370 on headphones only to have them essentially DOA.
Audiofly AF180 Quick Review by mark2410
by mark2410 on 07/10/2014

Brief: Looks so meh, sounds so Wow!

Price: £370 or about US$594

Specification: Driver Type4x BA’s, Frequency Range15-25kHz, Cable Length1.6m / 64”, Plug Type3.5mm gold plated, right-angle, Impedance18Ω, Sensitivity108dB at 1kHz

Accessories: 3 Comply Foam Tips (S/M/L), 3 Single-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L), 3 Tri-flange silicon eartips (S/M/L), Audioflex SL twisted audio cable, Storage wallet, 6.35mm Jack adaptor, Flight adaptor, Shirt clip, Cleaning tool

Build Quality: It would seem to be quite excellent.

Isolation: Very good. It’s an all BA IEM so it isolates just like you expect. Very easily enough to make you a road stain or that 300 hour flight to New Zealand.

Comfort/Fit: Comfort was excellent. Fit was mostly pretty good. I can’t say I loved the ear guides but they mostly didn’t get in the way. These did seem to give a bit of an issue in the right ear but nothing major.

Aesthetics: Visually these are so astoundingly meh. Look at them, as high end IEM’s go these have got to be the least visually interesting. Not that they are terrible, just all of the boring. Cable looks kinda nice though.

Sound: This is the bit that matters and these sound just as excellent as their price tag suggests they should. They are a quite balanced with a bit of a slant to the bassy/middy side. The bass is refined, smooth, uninteresting until you command it not to be. You slap on some big assed thumping bass and it will roar to life. Sure is not a big dynamic but the quantity is sizable and its tonality and agility are all BA, it moves like lightning on steroids. Its articulation is epically skilled. Its mids are slightly skewed to the sumptuous and liquidy side. Again though its quality, tonality and its nuance are supremely detailed. Sure it’s not hurling the detain in your face but oh god its excellent. The treble is a hair on the muted side. It’s slightly softened to be gentle on the ear but once more it’s the detail level that save it. Everything is in there and the level of treble refinement, that delicate detail and ability to shimmer are phenomenally good. Sure sound would like the detail more in your face and the bass while epic isn’t going to explode like a big dynamic can, of course if that is what your looking for. If you want a monitor esq, fractionally tonally warm monitor then oh god this it.

Value: It costs a heap but in return it sounds amazing. If you want the best you have to pay for it.

Pro’s: Sumptuously astoundingly good. A truly beauteous and smooth presentation.

Con’s: Its treble and bass are not “enhanced” in the way some would want.
Solid pair of IEMs
by hifigeek on 26/08/2014
A superbly finished earphone that suits life on stage or just for high quality portable listening.

I have the AF180 paired with a FiiO X3 DAP and the sound is divine. The AF180s are super comfortable and fit really nicely in the ear (the earphone body is a great size and shape).

I've owned the Shure SE530 and more recently the Westone 4R and the AF180 outclasses them all.

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