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Blackbird SecureFit S20 Foam Eartips Black Large - 4 Pairs

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  • Greatly improves audio fidelity of earphones

  • Made from heat-activated DuroFoam

  • Textured surface improves grip

  • Made to withstand the rigours of daily use

  • Maximum level of comfort

Blackbird SecureFit S20 Foam Eartips Black Large - 4 Pairs

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Blackbird SecureFit S20

Designed for maximum comfort, increased isolation and supreme durability, Blackbird SecureFit S20 foam eartips utilise unique DuroFoam technology. When the heat-reactive DuroFoam tip is rolled between your fingers it will shrink down, expanding again once inserted into the ear canal. This expanding effect results in a comfortable, custom fit and guarantees a higher level of isolation, blocking out more of the world around you and allowing your music to take centre stage.

Improved isolation of Blackbird SecureFit S20 eartips not only offers increased musical fidelity but also helps to protect your hearing. By blocking outside noise, music playback volume can be lower and the damage caused by listening to overly loud music can be greatly reduced.


Blackbird S20


Superior Sound
By blocking out external sounds, Blackbird SecureFit foam tips greatly improve the audio fidelity of your earphones.

Perfect Fit
Made from heat-activated DuroFoam, Blackbird foam tips expand gently in the ear canal to lock in a perfect fit. The textured surface improves grip meaning that your earphones stay in place longer, even in the most active situations.

Enhanced Durability
The SecureFit series’ DuroFoam construction means that they are extremely robust and are built to withstand the rigours of daily use.

All-day Comfort
Blackbird’s SecureFit foam eartips provide a supreme level of comfort that allow the listener to keep their earphones in all day, far longer than with standard-issue silicone tips.



  • Greatly improves audio fidelity of earphones
  • Made from heat-activated DuroFoam
  • Textured surface improves grip
  • Made to withstand the rigours of daily use
  • Maximum level of comfort



  • 1MORE - 1M301-2 In-Ear Piston Headphones, E0323-2 Dual Driver, iBFree
  • ACCUTONE - Gemini, Gemini HD
  • AKG - K-374, K-375, K-376
  • ALCLAIR - Curve
  • ASTRO - A*Star
  • ATOMIC FLOYD - HiDefDrum, HiDefDrum + Remote, HiDef Jax, Power Jax, Power Jax + Remote, TwistJax
  • AURISONICS - Eva, Forte, Kicker, Harmony
  • B&O Play - H3, H3 ANC, H5
  • BLUE ANT - Q1, T1, V1 Bluetooth, Pump Mini
  • BLUE - EVER BLUE 868B, The Dark Blue
  • BOSE - SoundTrue, MIE2, SoundSport
  • CELECITY - D-1
  • CHORD AND MAJOR - M7 Jazz, M8 Rock
  • COLOUD - Pop
  • DEAREAR - DE-TW-01
  • DOPPLER LABS - Here Active Listening
  • DUNU - DN-23, Titan 1
  • EDIFIER - P293
  • EMPIRE EARS - Olympus Universal Series
  • ETYMOTIC RESEARCH - ER-6 (not ER-6i islator)
  • FIIO - EX1
  • FINAL AUDIO - Adagio III, Heaven: II, IV, VII
  • FLARE AUDIO - R2 Series
  • GRADO - GR8, GR10
  • GRANDSUN - E701
  • HOUSE OF MARLEY - Uplift
  • IFROGZ - Ear Pollution: Crew, Legion, Plugz
  • I.TECH DYNAMIC - Free Stereo Twins
  • JABRA - Clipper Bluetooth, Eclipse, Halo, Smart, SportPulse
  • JARV - Nmotion
  • JAYBIRD - Endorphin Rush, JF3, Pre-2016 Freedom, JF4 Sprint
  • Jays - A-Jays: 1, 2, 3, 4,5; T-Jays: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • JBL - Synchros: S100a, S200a
  • JVC - HA-FX45S
  • KICKER - EB91, Cypher, Phenom Talk
  • MARSHALL - Mod
  • MAXELL - MXH: DBA700, DD600, MB300, MB500, RF500
  • MAXIMO - iMetal Series: iM-590, iP-595, iP-HS5
  • MEE AUDIO - 5, A161P, iP-HS5, M7P, Pinnacle, Sport-Fi M6, Sport-Fi S6P, X7
  • MEZE - 11 Deco
  • MONSTER - Clarity Mobile, Diesel VEKTR, Gratitude, iSport: immersion, Livestrong, SuperSlim, Victory; N-Lite, Ncredible N-Ergy, Purity, Tron T3, Turbine (All), Turbine PRO (All)
  • MUREL - Zero
  • NHT - Superbuds
  • NOKIA - Purity
  • NOX - Scout
  • NUFORCE - NE-700X, NE-770X
  • OCHARAKU - Flat4: Donguri, Keyaki, Genshiki, Gata, KURO, Type II
  • ONKYO - E700M
  • OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY - Tags Wireless
  • PARADIGM SHIFT - E1, E2m, E3m
  • PHIATON - PS 20 Series: BT, NC
  • PHILIPS - Fidelio: S1, S2; SHB6000, SHE: 390, 3500, 3590, 5105, 8100, 9050, 9750; SHQ: 3000, 3005, 3017, 4000
  • PIONEER - SE-CL711-Y, SE-CLX40-K, SE-CX8, SE-CX9
  • PSB - M4U 4
  • PUMP AUDIO - Pump
  • RHA - MA Series: 350, 450i, 600, 750i, S500, T10i, T20
  • ROCK JAW AUDIO - Alfa Genius V2, Arcana V2, Clarito, Hydra V2
  • SENNHEISER - CX Series: 680i, 680 Sport, 685, 686G, 890i, 980; OCX 685i
  • SHURE - E2c, E2g, i2c, SCL2
  • SKULLCANDY - Sport Performance, Strum, XTFree, XTPlyo
  • SOL REPUBLIC - AMPS, AMPS HD, Relays, Shadow Wireless
  • SONY - DREX12iP, 14VP, DRX-B23VP; MDR Series: 7550, AS400EX, AS400iP, AS800BT; MDR-EX Series: 10LP, 12iP, 25LP, 33LP, 36V, 37B, 38iP, 40LP, 50LP, 55B, 57LP, 58V, 71SLA, 76, 80LP, 100iP, 110LP, 210B, 300LP, 310LP, 500LP, 510LP, 650, 700, 750, 1000; MDR-NC Series: 13, 33, 100, 100D, 300D; MDR-PQ Series: 4, 6; MDR-XB Series: 20EX, 40EX, 41EX, 50, 60EX, 80, NW-ZW273; XBA Series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 40, 100, A1, A2, A3, H2, Z5, BT75, C10iP, H1, H3, NC85D, S65
  • SUDIO - Klang, Vasa, Vasa Bla
  • SUPRA - Nitro
  • T-PEOS - Altone 150, 200, 250, 350; Baguette , Black & White, H-100II, H-300
  • THINKSOUND - rain, ts01, ts01 Sport
  • TIINLAB - SE-2100, SE-2200
  • TONINO LAMBORGHINI - Quantum EL-01, ML-01
  • TORQUE - t103z
  • TOSHIBA - RZE Series: S60, S70
  • ULTIMATE EARS - UE SERIES: 200/200vi, 300/300vi, 350, 400/400vi, 500/500vi, 600, 900



  • Blackbird SecureFit S20 Foam Eartips Black Large – 4 Pairs


Product TypeEarphone Accessory
Feature KeywordNo
Recommended UseNo
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Included AccessoriesNo
Part NumberBB-S20-BL

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Customer Reviews

The difference is NOT subtle...
by Martin on 06/04/2018
I initially got these midway through moving to try with a pair of Ultimate Ears - my stock of silicon and foam eartips were already packed up somewhere so this was a quick fix. The difference between these and what I was used to was not subtle - excellent fit, comfort, stereo imaging etc and, as the blurb says, can easily be worn all day with no adverse effects. Needless to say I didn't bother to unpack my 'official' UE spares at the other end! Now using a further pair with some new Audio Technica ATH-E40s, which were instantly improved 50% by swapping out the silicon tips they came with. Can't speak highly enough of these sonically - my only slight criticism is that they don't last forever. Despite my in-ears being kept in a protective pouch they eventually soften over several months and develop cracks. Lifespan is probably four months per pair, but spending £9.99 every 16 months is probably fair enough for what you get. They've certainly outlasted the connector on the Ultimate Ears which is now intermittent - hence the purchase of the ATs, which offer the option of a replacement cable. If you're in any doubt, try these Blackbird foams and enjoy a vastly improved listening experience. Recommended!
Nice 'n' tight
by Stephen on 22/06/2017
I thought I'd give these a try instead of my usual other foam tips as they were a bit expensive for the amount of time they lasted, anyway, from opening the box which is a nice touch to fitting them on my RHA T20's I could tell they were different both in feel and how easy they are to roll down, the fit is first class blocking a lot more noise out than the others, and I'm pleased to say that they've improved both tightening the bass and creating a larger soundstage from what I already thought of as brilliant phones, I'm glad I found these and won't be going back to the "other foams" thanks HiFiHeadphones you've saved me money so I can buy more things from you

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