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  3. Oscar Stewart
    Oscar Stewart silverbacklion
    Welcome to forum, feel free to post any questions :)
  4. mixcder
    Free in-ear headphones, no post fee. Please PM me before June 18th, 2017. Thanks.First come, first served.
  5. dalethorn
    dalethorn Shaun-HiFi
    Hi Shaun - a guy named Hugeman is posting reviews that link to for sales. I don't know if that's OK with you or not, but he doesn't even review the items actually, just posts a brief description with the sales link.
  6. Ahsanraza
    I am a professional blogger and love to write about gadgets.
  7. hugeman
    share happiness,enjoy life
  8. JimmyLeBoat
    Use headphones for running; mostly.
  9. yannisgk
    + Be Calm and Drink Water !!!
  10. Mikemo58255
    I am a sport and music lover,enjoy the music all the time.
  11. Steve-HiFi
    Steve-HiFi dalethorn
    Hi Dale,

    I should have scrolled down to the bottom of the thread, Shaun has posted there about some of the points.

  12. Steve-HiFi
    Steve-HiFi dalethorn
    There's a 420 character limit on PMs - will attempt to change!

    I've just found that the H8 was listed after you posted, so it was down to some unfortunate timing!

    As you've likely noticed, we're spending more time and effort on the forum now and are planning some more changes so are in a position to consider any suggestions you may have.

    Many thanks,

  13. Steve-HiFi
    Steve-HiFi dalethorn
    Hi Dale,

    Thanks for your continued (and valued) presence on the forum!

    Did you try to PM me regarding the H8 thread? I'm sending this to check how it is the other way around, and also to ask about your comment on the forum software - do you mean there should be links to likely products on thread with keywords, for example?
    1. dalethorn
      I got an email from the site due to someone's post, and the email contained a link to the user's interest, allowing me or anyone else to bypass the HiFiHeadphones site and go directly to the user's site. So I think the link may be OK on the forum, but the forum should remove that link before sending the email.
      Oct 29, 2015
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    2. dalethorn
      There also was a problem linking to product from the forum. An aspect of #2 (old issue) is where there's overlap (i.e. portables and Bluetooth, for example) - sometimes the product doesn't show up in both searches.
      Oct 29, 2015
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    3. dalethorn
      Heh - 420 character limit! Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for any bottlenecks etc. and let you know.
      Oct 29, 2015
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