A little advice for a newbie please?

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    Hi all,
    I was hoping someone could give me a little advice on getting a new pair of headphones as i'm a complete newbie to the headphone world! I've been using the headphones that came with my ipod touch and as you know are in ear ones. I would like to change and go for some over ear phones but not sure what to get.

    They will be used mainly with my ipod but don't really want to spend a massive amount of money on them, somewhere around the £40-50 mark. The music I listen to is rock and a bit of metal (but mainly rock!)

    I've had a search on the net and found two that might fit the bill but would prefer a little reassurance from people on here who may know a lot about headphones in general. I'm not sure if there's much difference between them but the two i've found are the AKG-K514 and the AKG K-99.

    Thanks in advance and apologies if this question has been asked already!
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    Headphone advice

    I would steer away from the two AKGs you're considering. I've listen to both these and was quite disappointed with the sound. They sound quite hollow (due now doubt to the closed back) and unnatural.

    The Brio De Janeiro or the Audio-Technica ATH-SJ5 would both be good alternatives. Both have much better quality sound.

    If you are able to consider on-ear headphones then the AIAIAI Tracks is a truly excellent headphone. The Headfonia blog has just written a detailed review of the AIAIAI Tracks that is well worth reading.

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