AGK 240 mkII or ATH M50 comparing to Sennheiser HD414?

Discussion in 'Full Size Headphones' started by midinotes, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, I am so happy to discover this forum. Having tried to find local shops here in the UK where I can audition good quality studio headphones, I have resorted to reading as many reviews and opinions as I can before making a purchase. I hope the community can help me choose!

    Ok basically I am looking to upgrade my faithful Sennheiser HD414 (anniversary edition black with yellow foams). I've had them now for about 20 yrs and still love them. I play keyboard and so will be using them mainly for my home recording studio, for recording vocals, checking my mixdown against my monitor speakers (KRK Rokit 5's) and also enjoying listening to range of quality acoustic and modern country/light pop/light rock and classical music. I am not too bothered by open back headphones but obviously closed back would be preferred for recording.

    My hunt for something with a better low frequency and high frequency response / presence over my HD414's, and a budget of around £150-£200 has led me towards the following:

    AKG 240 mk2, AKG 271 mk2, AKG 701 or 702 (top end of budget) and more recently the Audio Technica ATH-M50 which I've read many positive reviews about.

    From what I've gathered the AKG 701 / 702 can be rather bass light and also a bit 'clinical', they are also at the high end of my budget although I've heard the soundstage is excellent. They do look great though!

    The 271's and 240's seem very similar, other than one is open and the other closed back. From what I gather the 240's have a slightly pronounced mid bass compared to the 271s (which are lighter on the bottom end). The 240's have a solid reputation behind them but not sure how they would be for mastering (when not using the monitors).

    The Audio Technica M50's sound exciting, they seem to be more difficult to find (most dealers are out of stock). They dont have replaceable cords (pity) and whilst the coiled cable versions are popular, the straight cable version is hard to come by. I am not sure though if these have a reputation in recording as do the AKG's?

    So basically its down to whether I go for the M50s or the 240s... unless I am missing another obvious choice or the more expensive AKGs are worth it. I don't particularly enjoy very bass light cans nor do I like clinical top end for extended listening periods. I want deep down but honest bass response, some warmth, excellent mid range and definition for mixing reverbs etc and vocal, crisp and detailed top end but not tiring. I want to be able to transfer easily from my monitors to headphones and not end up with a mix that is bass heavy or lacking etc.

    Also it would be nice if someone has either of these cans and also the HD414s, just to know how things have improved over the last years.

    Should I go for the ATH-M50's or the AKGs?

    Looking forward to your comments.

    Kind regards
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