Amp for Hd25-1 zune combo help.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amplifiers' started by veggiop, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hi. So I have Hd25-1 and Zune HD with a home build Cmoy, and I want to upgrade from the Cmoy to something better. Im looking for something with a rechargable battery and a life span of more then 12 hours per charger, as well as something small to complement the size my Zune HD (the smaller the better I guess...) so after looking at my criteras the two closes choices I could find for my sub 200$ limit are the FiiO E7 and iBasso T3. here is why.

    FiiO E7 has adjusable bass boost, long battery life and can act as a DAP, but I dont like its size and from what I read it wont well as there is no LOD for Zune HD .

    iBasso T3 is consiered a great step above both E7 and the Cmoy, or so I read. Its small size and decent bettery life (20-30hrs) is very appealing as well as ability to tune gain to my headphones. Also its not going to be affected much by useing a mini conecter from HO on my zune to it.

    iBasso D4. I can find these Used for less then 200$ but as far as I read the T3 competes very well with the D4 (T3 slightly below the D4) but the size difference defently makes up for that in my mind.

    Any others?

    Any suggestions are welcome as well as comments. Thanks all

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