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  1. goak

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    Jan 17, 2012
    I'm looking to upgrade my existing wireless headphones that I use for tv listening. (I use them to cope with hearing loss).

    Your site has given me useful information and I'm leaning towards the Sennheiser RS120*. However, a visit to Sennheiser’s own web site says the RS120 uses analogue transmission. Their more expensive headphones (e.g. RS160 and RS170) use digital transmission.

    Is anyone able to give advice on whether I’d be better paying extra for earphones that have digital transmission?

    * Incidentally, your site says the RS120 is now discontinued and replaced by the RS120-II. Surprisingly Sennheiser’s own web site Sennheiser UK - RS 120 only lists the RS120 and a search on the RS120-II is not recognised!
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Wakey wakey Sennheiser website!:D

    The Sennheiser digital wireless headphones use Kleer Audio which is a CD quality data transfer method. Whilst compressing sound a little bit it is by far the best audio wireless transfer method I have used. The RS160 (170,180) are absolutely fantastic, if you want clarity and the cleanest sound possible then the digital ones are for you, the RS120 are pretty amazing for FM wireless though.

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