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    Arctic E461-BM is as there web site StartArctic Cooling says is "Designed to provide superior clarity and rich, dynamic, E461 headphones will not let you down. With modern and timeless silver appearance, appeal to anyone, music lovers will enjoy the full range of voice, you can expect from full-size headphones." i was able to personally enjoy the superior quality of this amazing headset which comes with a very affordable price

    This headphone generate a clear but powerful sound thanks to its neodymium magnet driver.
    with this you could experience every aspect of music from hard rock, hip-hop, R & B, jazz to classical opera,blues,house, and more

    Since it have in-line controls + a built in mic you could use the headset in your phone or other
    voice communication, such as MSN and Skype

    Here are some technical info about the headset
    Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 17 Hz - 26 KHz
    Dimensions (Packaging) 113 L x 53 W x 90 H mm
    Sensitivity (dB/mW) 96
    Impedance (ohm) 12
    Plug 3.5mm Jack
    Cable 1.3
    Product Net Weight 14 g
    Limited Warranty 2 years
    itemnumber ERASO-ERM35-GBA01
    UPC 0872767004184
    Gross Weight 0.2 kg

    I'm very satisfied with my new headset it has great Build quality,it's very durable,it has amazing bass with flat rate frequency response. you'd never regret buying this headphone
    i recommend that :)

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