Audeze El-8 Closed Back With Oppo HA-2SE

Discussion in 'Headphone & Earphone General Discussion' started by Ondah, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Ondah

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    Feb 3, 2017
    I'm new here and i have to start my experience in this forum with a question.
    I saw a lot of reviews of "portables" planar magnetic headphones, and i really liked the Audeze El-8 Closed Back.
    I'm going to buy a portable Amp/Dac for listening in an IPhone 7 Plus with Tidal, i'm going to take the Oppo HA-2SE, does it can handle the Audeze El-8s? Is it a good amp/dac?
    First of All, i've never tried the Audeze El-8, and i need to know il they sounds in line with my tastes. I'm searching an headphone that make me smile, an headphone with a dynamic and "happy" sound. With a warm sound and presents, viscerals powerfuls and quality basses. Warm and precise mids, and clear and precise Highs.
    I need a powerful, precise, clear, dynamic and warm headphones.
    Do Audeze El-8 sound like this?
    How they sound? Are them great headphones?
    Do Someone have them? Are this price there are better closed planar headphones that i can use with Oppo HA-2SE?
    Do The Audeze El-8 have The "wow" factor? How are The basses of them?
    I love basses, and i love warm sound but i want planar headphones that can be handled by the Oppo HA-2SE, i want the "wow" factor, i want a warm, funny sound with a good sounstage and quality.

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