Best amp for Sennheiser HD650

Discussion in 'Headphone Amplifiers' started by veggiop, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. veggiop

    veggiop Well Balanced

    Feb 18, 2011
    What is the best (suited) amp for the HD650?
    Or perhaps, what are the best amps, at different price brackets?
    I have a Neco 9v V1 AD8066 with bass boost and V2 8610 (I think I got the opamps right). Also I have a MF V Can (stock). While I find that overall the Neco V2 is more involving, I generally find the V Can more suited to the laid back nature of the Senn with it's "not subtle enough for TWhat Hi Fi's tastes" sound.

    Please comment guys!

  2. RobinHiFi

    RobinHiFi Super Moderator

    Apr 28, 2010
    It needs to be powerful, bright, accurate and stable. Most people I would imagine go for a Graham Slee Solo.:) This is what Sennheiser used to demo them with!
  3. Shaun-HiFi

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Best headphone amp for Sennheiser HD650

    Yep, the Graham Slee Solo is an obvious amp to partner with the Sennheiser HD650. The Solo's upfront, sparkly presentation brings the HD650 to life very nicely. A better choice than the warmer Lehmann Audio amps for this headphone in my opinion.
  4. steveecrane

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Fiio E11?

    Hello all!

    I posted these comments elsewhere a moment ago whilst looking at recommendations for head-amps to go with my HD650s:

    Then I spotted "Shaun G" had responded to this particular post, and recalled he's one of the owner/directors ... so I thought I'd re-post it here, hoping he'd take the time to address the last point, as eMail and feedback forms have proven somewhat fruitless!

    Here's hoping ...
  5. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Just wanted to add to Steve's experience here. Having read the above comment I was a little sad and thought I would investigate. One of my colleagues here spoke to Steve and I just thought I would pop a comment on to square the circle here.

    Steve's wife ordered on a Thursday evening before a Bank Holiday weekend. As our dispatch is 4pm we couldn't send out her order until the Friday. As the chosen delivery method was UPS (which only delivers on a working weekday) and as the Monday was a Bank Holiday the goods were not delivered until Tuesday. That is as expected with the order time and delivery method and the Bank Holiday.

    The reason why we didn't reply to emails was simply that because of the email title, the emails were considered spam and treated as such by our email system.

    When this comment was noticed Shaun called them to personally apologise. Sorry again Steve and lovely wife!

    We make every effort to make people happy but as you can see it doesn't always go to plan:)

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