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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by chux, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Sep 4, 2010
    Right, I am looking for an IEM to use with my iphone 4. Hence I would like it to have remote volume control, playback control(not that important) mic and call control. Most of my music is bassy, r&b, hip hop genres. I am currently using Sennheiser cx500, which is ok but I want more isolation, bass and detail from IEM. I am looking at spending between £70 - £150 however I do not mind sppending a bit more. Would love a breakdown of the differences between suggested models and price.

    Also I have looked at Monster beats by dre and there seems to be a lot of negatives and positives. Any comments.

    Thank you
  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Chux,

    A controller for the iPhone (including volume) really limits choice, Apples decision to make companies pay to be able to manufacture a compatible volume controller on their headphones seems like a backwards step to me.

    First of all let me say any of these four would suit your tastes and you can pretty much rank their quality by price, they all have a fully functional iPhone controller with volume. The easiest way to get better isolation is with use of foam tips which are denser or Triple flanged tips. Klipsch headphones come with triple flange tips and Shure have an excellent foam tip included. Comply Foam tips are available for nearly all in ear monitors.

    Klipsch Image S4i Sound Isolating Earphones
    £89.95 - Deep and warm but not the most detailed earphones

    Shure SE115m+ In-Ear Sound Isolating Headset for iPod & iPhone
    £119.95 - Warm with decent bass that is well under control, a bit more detail here.

    DR DRE Tour iPhone compatible

    £129.95 - Monster Turbines are pretty amazing but the beats by dre stuff is gimicky and overpriced (Dre Opinion Here)

    Klipsch Image X10i Sound Isolating Earphones (Image X 10i)
    £229.95 - The perfect fit for your requirements (apart from the price). Deep powerful bass with great control and excellent detail, very contemporary EQ, light in weight but powerful in sound.

    There are a lot of new headphones coming out with iPhone volume functionality probably in time for Christmas - Unless you are planning to go for the X10i it may be worth a little wait.

    Hope this helps!:)

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