Best in-ear headset (ie: headphone w/ microphone)??

Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by MarkinAZ, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. MarkinAZ

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    Nov 28, 2011
    I've been searching for a top quality in-ear headset (which I believe is defined as headphones with the addition of a microphone for use with cell phone/voip on computer/computer voice recognition software such as "Dragon Naturally Speaking", etc.)

    I do not object to paying for the incredibly rated ACS T2's. (I'm constantly on the phone while driving and when on a plane, prefer to listening to my own music vs a conversation with a seat-mate that may be less than stellar in content or desirability.) I hate switching from mediocre quality for the phone calls and being forced to change to headphones/earphones for serious listening. I would rather keep my Headset on thru the day and remove it when necessary for face-to-face interaction. So finding a unit that has great sound response, military spec durability, and a built-in mike with appropriate switching for iPhone, is what I seek. The cost is not an issue (assuming it doesn't go much higher than the standard ACS T2 prices.)

    What has the quality of the ACS T's and also has the (for me) requisite mic and switching along with the correct plug or an adapter for the iPhone? While I'm hardly an audiophile, I can hear the difference between low end and high end earphones, and frankly, I'm using them so much that the lower quality units actually give me a headache after an hour of listening to them. Somehow it seems I'm always straining to hear parts of the music that I know 'should' be present, but isn't reproduced on the lower quality products.

    Thanks for your help/suggestions/thoughts.
  2. KornelHiFi

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    Oct 25, 2011
    Hi MarkinAZ,

    I really believe that the below combination might turn out to be the best for you:

    Shure SE535 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones in Clear (SE 535)


    Shure CBL-M+-K Music Phone Adapter Cable 142cm (CBL-M+-K)


    Custom Earphone Sleeves for Standard Earphones


    The SE535 has a very nice balanced sound which is not boring at all but rather musical and airy. They reveal the details and for an in ear, they provide excellent separation. Their extended treble does not feel too bright, yet it is very detailed and clear, the mids feel warm and forward sounding, whilst the bass is textured and natural and eventhough it has strength, it does not overshadow the frequencies above. They are probably the most robust earphones out there, they are very sturdy, the build quality is very nice. It is simply an amazing headphone and although some may argue about a model being better in some aspects, I believe it is probably the best allrounder out there now.

    Using the extension cable transforms the 535's to a headset compatible with you iPhone. Along with the mic, the communication cable comes with a 3 button remote control for volume and music playback adjustments.

    The ACS custom sleeves not only provide the perfect fit for your ears but also the best isolation and due to the perfect sealage they also improve the sound quality a little bit. The moulds are made based on an impression taken of your ear canal. For an extra £10 you may also get them in the color of your choice.

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