Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Headphone Review

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    Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Audiophile Headphone

    Beyerdamic have hit a home run with the Amiron Home; it is beautifully detailed yet smooth and easy to enjoy. It gets out of the way of the music and lets you enjoy pure sonic bliss.

    • Excellent detail retrival
    • Smooth sound
    • Comfort
    • Earpads may be a little shallow for some.

    Aesthetics, Build Quality and Accessories

    The Beyerdynamic Amiron Home are a great looking headphone; the cups are grey with a fabric mesh on the outside, the arms are aluminium and the headband is alcantara, a very simple and elegant design.

    The build quality is great, they feature a dual sided detachable cable (balanced cable available separately), the cups are plastic but feel very well made, the headband is metal and everything is very well put together.

    The Amiron Home come with a hard carry case and a 3.5 to 6.3mm adaptor, all the accessories you need really.

    Comfort and Amp Pairing
    The Amiron Home are one of the most comfortable headphones around; the alcantara pads are super soft, as is the headband padding. The weight and clamping force means they sit securely but not uncomfortably tight. My only slight gripe is the earpads are a little shallow, so your ears may touch the inner fabric covering the drivers.

    Regarding amplifiers, these do require a bit of power behind them and I personally found them to work very well with OTL tube amps as they bring out the best qualities in this headphone.



    • Bass
    The bass on these has incredible texture and control; they are quick in attack and decay at just the right speed. Snappy and quick when called for, yet also full and articulate during other tracks. The bass blends with the rest of the frequencies, without ever affecting them; perfect in quantity, and superb in quality.

    • Mids
    The mids are natural and crystal clear, vocals come across with the emotion of the original recording, this headphone does not add its own flavour. I would say the mids are well placed, being perfectly centered in the mix. Timbre here is what stands out, along with the amount of detail present but not thrown in your face.

    • Treble
    Beyerdynamic used to be know for peaky treble, and that has been fixed; now the treble is still well present and in good quantity, however it is not peaky or fatiguing anymore. It reaches way up high, but with finesse and control without a hint of grain; the treble is superbly refined.

    • Soundstage and Separation
    The soundstage is smaller than that of some other open back models, they have a slightly more intimate sound for an open headphone but the imaging is excellent and accurate. Separation is very good as is to be expected, all separate instruments are easily distinguished.

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