Beyerdynamic DT-770 pro 32 Ohm review

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    Sep 4, 2011
    hi guys,
    I thought maybe some guys arround here would be interrested in a little review of the DT-770 pro LE. Here I have to say that i haven´t had the pleasure of listening to many headphones over a longer periode, so I don´t really have a Benchmark.

    The first thing I noticed when taking the headphone out of its box is the low weight. They are like really light, so I wasn´t shure about they build quality at first, but so far it seems like thay are pretty sturdy. Their cable is 1,6m in lengh, a really nice length fo rusing them with my DAC/Amp, but a bit long for using them while commuting IMO. Also the 1/2" adapter is really nice since it gets srewed on.

    Something very nice about this cans is how comfortable they are. The clamp force is there, but not closely strong enough to become annoing, even after hours of listening. the headband is nicely padded. The only "negativ" thing that i can see are the pleather earcups, wich become a little warm while lsitening for some time. But those can be replaced with velor once, if you buy them.

    Well the most important thing, the sound:
    They have the V-shaped sound that can be found in many other headphones as well. Athough that is a fact, it is less prominent then on the ATH M-50, from what i could make out. Also their soundstage is surprisingly wide for a closed back headphone and their positional reproduction( I hope its called this way) is also very good, for those that might want to use them for gaming.

    The bass on this cans is very prominent. I mean like VERY prominent. It reaches deep and has an incredible impact, but doesn´t overpower the mids most of the time. With my DAC/Amp combi the bass became a little tighter

    The mids are of course recessed. Not as much as with the M-50, but it is still noticable. Other than that there is to say that they have a decent level of detail, but they are not exactly their strengh.

    The trebel of this cans sure is something for discussion. I personally like the hights when using my Amp, without they can get a bit to sharp for my taste. They have a nice level of detail, although in the lower trebel seems to be some sort of bit, letting the mids and the rest of the trebel overpower this area IMO.

    Over all i really like this Headphones, even more so when using my DAC/Amp combi. They should easily be driven by any portable sound source out there, without the need of an Amp. They do sound a little better when using an Amp, but the difference is not in a way that it sounds like a different headphone or anything like that. I suspect that much of the gain in SQ comes from the DAC, so by using a better DAP then mine, wich basicly should be any dedicated DAP out there since i use my phone atm, you should get the best out of this cans.

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