Beyerdynamic DTX501p quickie review

Discussion in 'Headphone Reviews' started by dalethorn, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Jul 3, 2011
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    I got the DTX501p yesterday, gave it a 6-hour burn-in and another 2 hours of walkaround listening. I was hoping Beyer would improve on the DTX300p which was very fragile, and which had a very lightweight sound. The DTX501p doesn't have the fragile hinges, so it could prove durable if not abused. The sound is another matter. Although half the price of a v-moda M80, it's not 80 percent of the sound for half the price. It's 1/4 the sound for 1/2 the price. There's actually no comparison to the M80 sound. Compared to the $50 USD Sennheiser white PX200ii, both played flat, the Beyer sounds boomy and dull. Using 'Rock' EQ with the Senn (which moves its sound about halfway toward high fidelity), the Beyer now sounds very boomy and very dull in comparison. Boosting the treble on the Beyer, it now sounds only moderately boomy and dull compared to the EQ'd Senn. With treble boosted on the Beyer and running from the PA2V2 headphone amp, it becomes tolerable for most non-demanding music. Given that the DTX501p is a very light plastic headphone made to be used with portable music players without additional amplification, I think the sound for the price is not a good deal.

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