Bluetooth Headphones, Mixcder 872 On-ear Wireless Comfortable Earphones Review

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    The first impression of the Mixcder 872 was the sleek design with touch sensitive controls on the ear cups. MostBluetooth headphone have a lot of buttons but the 872 makes it simple and easy to control. 40mm diameter speakers with a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz. Driving strong clear vocals and smooth bass. The Bluetooth feature on this Mixcder can be used up to a pleasing 10 meters. Coming with a built in mic that picks up noise and delivers it clearly. Only a 1-2 hour recharge for up to 20 hours of constant listening use. Also offers an extra 4 foot standard cable for wired mode.
    The vocals are a key factor of the audio in the 872. There are sharp highs complementing the vocals. Although the bass is slightly soft. The lows and mids are not horrible just need to be more powerful. Bass may be a little weak but it's as smooth as can be (no distortion). Just like with other Mixcder Bluetooth headphones there is no static noise. Static is a negative result in many Bluetooth headphones which makes this Mixcder headphone and the brand a great price for quality. 40mm diameter speaker with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz and 32 Ohm impedance means that it is able to produce good sound for most music genres.
    The touch function allows for easy music control and taking calls. The touch function eliminates big buttons and ultimately makes Bluetooth headphone control simpler. The sleek design is nice but not overboard with style which can be a positive. It is foldable so portability isn't a big problem. Although, it does not come with a case as many do. The strength and durability seems great after a few tests so throwing them in a bag would be safe. The sound isolation is not as good as expected; even from on-ear headphone. The fit is quite loose which doesn't help sound isolation at all. Sound isolation prevents others around from hearing what song is on and seals in the music so you don't hear anything else around you.
    Battery life
    These headphones battery life is a great feature for the price. Before needing a recharge listening lasts for up to 20 hours, talking time (using mic for calls, Facetime, Skype, etc.) for 18 hours, it can even be on but not being used for up to 500 hours. Only taking 1-2 hours for a recharge adds to the versatility. The charging port uses a micro USB (one is included). The 872 can be used at up to three meters from the device with Bluetooth. The mic is nothing special; picks up noise nicely, sounds good both ways, and gives more simplicity to everyday use.
    "Artificial Protein Leather" used for the ear pads is very comfortable. The leather surrounds soft and not too cushiony ear pads. The leather material doesn’t feel hard or uncomfortable as artificial leather tends to feel. There is a pad on the headband; it isn't the most comfortable cushion. Thus, the lack of cushioning on the headband lets on aches and pains after extended use. Light weight design, especially with the folding mechanism it is still noticeably light. The light weight is great in some categories but it fails others. There needs to be a tighter fit and slightly more cushioning; those added on would likely compramise the light weight.
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