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    JUKESKA Casual Listener

    Dec 22, 2012
    Hi, a complete novice here.

    Heres my problem/question.

    I am fed up going out to pubs, clubs etcetera, and having to listen to music that I hate.
    On many occasions I plug my earphones into my phone and try to listen to some decent music.

    Obviously the sound quality is not great and the music in the venue leaks through.

    I have heard about noise cancelling headphones, and have seen that you can get them with bluetooth.

    Would this be a solution to my problem?

    Incidently the music I would be listening to would be modern Ska & modern Skinhead Reggae (yes, there are loads of bands out there creating modern classics).
    So a good bass sound would be required.

  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010

    You sound like a fun chap so I advise you to start your own club night where the music will be great and you will draw like minded others. I say this because although several types of headphones partially block external noise the maximum possible drop is about 50db - not enough to drown out club speakers and if youu used volume to help mask what you can still hear you may be damaging your ears. Good isolation (a seal around or inside the ear) will give you up to a 30db drop, add noise cancelling and some frequencies will be maked. Your body is largely water and therefore conducts vibration quite well, your skull is shaped to specifically amplify our range of hearing, these two things (coupled with music being made to emphasise frequencies we find naturally appealing) means you are unlikely to find any headphones that will definitely be satisfactory for this job, the music in clubs is mostly too loud.

    It is worth a go but I would see if you could borrow a mates pair first and conduct your own experiment. If you do have to open your own club night can I have a guestie for suggesting it?:)

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