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Discussion in 'Members Lounge' started by nightlistener, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. nightlistener

    nightlistener Casual Listener

    Dec 8, 2010
    I am wanting to buy some new earphones comfort is the high on the priority list as I wear them in bed as suggestions?
  2. Shaun-HiFi

    Shaun-HiFi Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 30, 2008
    Comfortable earphones

    By far the most comfortable pair of earphones I've tried is the Phonak Audeo PFE. The earphones sits very comfortably in the ear, due to the shape of the earphone body. Thanks to the excellent fit you can comfortably lay your head down on a surface with the earphones in.

    The PFE 012 and 022 don't come supplied with Comply Foam tips, but these are well worth upgrading too to make them even more comfortable.

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