could i have some information on warranty's?

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    Jan 29, 2012
    hi, im looking to purchase a pair of soundmagic e10's but before i do it i just wanted to know if they carried any warranty because i get through quite a lot of headphones and want to make sure that these are covered just incase. on the soundmagic website it states there is a warranty for 1 year but does that apply to this website aswell? if yes who do i need to contact in the event of the headphones not working? also if the warranty is given and im offered a new set do the new pair have a warranty period of one year or is it carried on from the old pair? thank you in advance :)
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    Hi James

    It is always important to check that you are buying from a legitimate dealer for the product. We are an Authorised SoundMAGIC Dealer and can therefore fully support the years warranty that all their products have.

    Warranty for most electrical goods is at least one year in the UK. The Warranty is down to the manufacturer but should be accessed through the store you used to purchase. Your contract of sale in the UK means that the shop have to give you access to the warranty - they must at least be able to tell you how to access it, which could mean sorting it out for you or in some cases putting you in contact with the manufacturer. Warranty covers you for any fault which is related to the incorrect manufacture of the product but does not cover accidental damage.

    We perform warranty services for all of our products, although there are one or two manufacturers who like to deal directly with the customer. A customer with a problem simply needs to inform us that their product has become faulty and we will send full details so that the customer can return it to us. In most cases the product can be exchanged for a new item, in some the unit will be repaired by the manufacturer, this is the manufacturers choice.

    Warranty runs from the day of purchase on the original receipt (which you must be able to reproduce if it is asked for) and is not extended if the item is replaced by the manufacturer.

    If the customer picks a new product instead (this can only happen if it is offered as an option and is not the customers right by law) then a new receipt will be made and the warranty starts from that date.
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