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    dB Logic Headphones - Protect Your Hearing With Innovative SPL2 Sound Limiting Technology

    Brighton, UK — July 18, 2011dB Logic and HiFi Headphones today announced the UK launch of a no-battery-required, ultra-low distortion sound pressure level limiting headphone range for teens, adults and children.

    dB Logic’s mission is to provide consumers – teenagers, adults and children – with the ultimate personal audio experience with less risk of long-term damage to their hearing.


    dB Logic EP-100 Earphones - Listen Smarter, Listen Longer

    All dB Logic headphones and earphones use SPL2 technology. SPL2 technology places a tiny monitoring circuit between the MP3 player and the ear piece that regulates the volume where needed, while still providing great stereo sound. By maintaining the integrity of the sound, the limiting is virtually transparent to the listener, and the audio content does not sound clipped or distorted.

    Delivering superior audio at healthier listening levels, dB Logic’s products help users of all ages avoid hearing damage due to long-term exposure to high sound pressure levels.

    What is SPL2?

    SPL2 stands for “Sound Pressure Level Limiting,” the patent-pending technology from dB Logic that is able to provide limiting of the maximum volume or sound pressure, without causing any audible distortion or artefacts.


    The Best Sound - While other products merely clip the sound wave, SPL2 intelligently modifies the sound wave to closely match the profile of the original sound wave, while keeping the overall volume level at a level that can help avoid hearing loss.

    No Distortion - By maintaining the integrity of the sound wave, the limiting is virtually transparent to the consumer, and the audio content does not sound clipped or distorted. To the listener, there are no audible artefacts of the limiting.

    No Batteries Required - SPL2 Technology is embedded in the headphones. It’s the only battery-free, distortion-free approach to sound pressure level limiting available.


    About db LOGIC

    dB Logic, LLC, was established in 2010 by MWM Acoustics, a leading global supplier of high-performance voice communication components to OEM manufacturers. MWM has extensive expertise in acoustical system design, mathematical simulation and optimization, DSP algorithm development, acoustical performance and compliance testing.

    MWM Acoustics was founded in 1997 by Bell Labs alumni Alan Michel, Chris Welsh and Jeff McAteer. In 2003, MWM Mobile Products was created and Medford Dyer joined to provide expertise on the commercialization of acoustic technologies and advanced consumer products.

    Bringing together the engineering minds behind the brands Jabra, Ultimate Ears and Loud Enough, these engineers have been awarded more than 40 patents, and MWM’s design expertise and transducer products can be found in many common consumer and office products.

    dB Logic - Be Good To Your Ears

    About HiFi Headphones

    The UK headphone store that's serious about headphones - HiFi Headphones specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing a World class service to our customers. Offering a huge selection of headphones, earphones and related products as well as buyer’s guides, reviews, a headphone forum and headphone news blog, the HiFi Headphones website is the place to make an informed headphone purchase.

    For more information about dB Logic headphones visit the HiFi Headphones web shop.

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