Denon AH-D1001

Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by ChaoticMan, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. ChaoticMan

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    Oct 23, 2010
    Hey there, I have a few questions about this pair of headphones. Firstly, I've heard them being described as both on-ear and around-the-ear headphones? Which one are they? Secondly are they good for portable use as I take the train and tube everyday, and I don't the headphones to leak noise, but neither do I want to hear all the disturbance from other passengers. Lastly, are they comfortable to use for a prolonged period of time? Thanks for your help in advance :D
  2. Shaun-HiFi

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Denon AH-D1001 headphones

    The Denon AH-D1001 is an around the ear headphone (on-ear generally have flat pads). The sound isolation is pretty good for a portable headphone, but not up there with full size studio headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT770.

    Sound with the AH-D1001 is warm and fun. It's a great choice for a portable headphone.

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