Dita - The Answer - Truth Edition - Stereo Earphone (IEM) review

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    Youtube review: Dita The Answer Truth Edition Stereo Earphone (IEM) review by Dale - YouTube

    Sources: iPhone5 with Portaphile Micro/PA2V2/Decware Zen Head amps using the LOD, various computers using Microstreamer/Beyer A200p/v-moda Verza DAC/amps.

    Review note: My first impressions of the sound of the Dita Answer/Truth edition IEM are based on direct comparisons to other IEMs and headphones - the Sennheiser IE800, B&O H3, RHA-MA series, FAD FI-BA-SS etc., and notes I've accumulated from many prior reviews. I describe how I relate to the Dita (i.e. my personal tastes and how I use the earphone) only after covering all of the objective issues. This is going to be a very brief review since this earphone is on loan and I have to return it shortly.

    Out of the box the Dita has a highly detailed sound that may impress some users as bright. The majority of IEMs that I've had sound quite elevated from approximately 3 to 6 khz, but since I doubt that that sound is by design in all of those cases, it may be that my ear canals are creating a bias in that range. I don't know how many readers here would be familiar with the sound of a Sennheiser IE800, but take that sound and increase the level of detail and you'll have the Dita sound. Through the midrange and down to the deepest bass, the Dita is like no other - you've probably never heard anything this good. I know when I'm hearing the optimum sound from an IEM, by pressing the earpieces into my ear canals until maximum bass is achieved, and just before the treble falls off.

    I wouldn't describe the Dita bass as strong in the sense of an elevated bass (i.e. v-moda M100), nor would I characterize it as neutral (i.e. Sennheiser HD800) - it's much better than those examples, having great warmth, detail, impact, smoothness, etc. I'd describe it as near-perfect, and I'm just hedging when I say 'near'. Going back up through the treble it gets more interesting - I'd guess if you have 1000 music tracks on whatever device you listen with, you'll hear details you haven't noticed before on half of those tracks. And I don't mean to suggest that it's an 'analytical' (i.e. detailed but dry) sound - it's a very lively sound that I find most engaging.

    A not insignificant factor in the amazing sound quality is undoubtedly the single-driver design. When crossovers are designed into an earphone or headphone (or speakers for that matter), much additional processing has to take place to correct the phase shifts and other anomalies caused by the crossover devices. The simplest design is usually the best, all other things being equal. But all other things are rarely equal, so what Dita did with the Answer/Truth edition is that much more remarkable.

    I normally don't go into micro-details about the sound of earphones and headphones I review, since those small details are highly variable depending on the user's source media and player, and whether and what type of amps are used externally to the player. But I can be confident that the sound I described will hold up under any conditions I can imagine, meaning that the better the music source and/or amplification the better the experience.

    Physically the Dita is luxuriously made, with a very nice assortment of cases and eartips. I chose the double-flange eartips since the others didn't work for me. The cable is an ultra-high quality weave with a rubberized coating, looking extremely durable. What I really like is the non-sticky aspect of the cable, which reduces any clinging to my clothing.

    This partly hand-crafted earphone is beautiful to see and hold in hand, it has the right accessories for go-anywhere in style use, and sound that's as good as anything I've ever heard in an IEM. Highly recommended!

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