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  1. jonathan_f

    jonathan_f Casual Listener

    Nov 20, 2014

    I am looking for some guidance/recommendations from forum members as to suitable gear to consider for my next IEM purchase.

    I need something that is suitable for the daily commute on public transport, so good isolation is required. Primarily using an iPhone 5. The type of music I listen to is renaissance choral music (think Palestrina, Tallis etc), which many IEMs cannot cope with well. This type of music is purely voices and usually recorded in a cathedral setting. Also I listen to opera alot.

    I find that many IEMs will produce a lot of harshness around the high notes (almost like the sound is breaking up and it makes my teeth stand on edge!), and detail in the sound is very important, as the sound is very intricate. Bass should be there but not overemphasised. Budget wise, anything between 50-250 GBP. At the moment I have got some UE 600's with foam tips, which do an alright job. Is there anything that might improve on the UE600s and be suitable for the above? The UE600s are great with opera/orchestral but not always that good with choral music.


  2. Lauri Cular

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Hi Johnathan

    In your price range you might consider the Final Audio Heaven II, or Heaven IV -


    Being balanced armature driven, they can produce some lovely detail but with a smoothness which cuts the danger of any sibilance. Also midrange is very clear for those long cathedral-space decays!

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