Edifier H750 On-Ear Stereo Headphone review

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    Sources: iPhone6s+ with Oppo HA-2/FiiO K1 DAC/amps, various computers using the Audioquest Dragonfly-2/HRT Microstreamer/FiiO E17k/FiiO E07k DAC/amps.

    Review notes: My first impressions of the sound of the H750 are based on direct comparisons to other headphones, particularly other lightweight on-ear types, but also to a few premium headphones for reference. I'll describe how I relate to the H750 (i.e., my personal tastes and how I use the headphone) only after covering all of the objective issues.

    The Edifier H750, out of the box and after burn-in, has some emphasis in the upper mids to lower treble that give it a 'light' kind of sound, maybe even a tinge of nasality, although not much. Moving further up, to the upper treble, it's reasonably smooth and soft, and easy to listen to. I made a comment in the video for this headphone that it has an almost perfect bass. That is to say, I have a great equalizer that can fix almost anything, and I found nothing about the H750 bass that needed any fix. The bass isn't emphasized like many modern headphones, but it also isn't "just there" like some of the so-called flagship headphones (Shure SRH-1840 for example) - it's good, with good impact. The H750 sound would be good for $100 USD, but for $35 it's a bargain. The isolation is minimal but useful - not recommended for commutes on the tube or bus, never mind jet planes. The leakage is just enough that if played in a library or a quiet office, the volume would have to be kept low for others not to hear anything.

    The H750's earpads are covered with a good plastic that's comfortable and that should last a long time. Some low-cost headphones have cheaper pads that fall apart after awhile, but everything about the H750 seems to be good quality. The on-ear pads resemble those of the B&W P5 or Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones, insofar as they don't have a large hole in the center, but rather a flat surface with small perforations to allow the sound through. The cable is double-entry, about 4 ft. long, and terminated with a standard 3.5mm miniplug. The total range of adjustment for the headband is 9/8 inch on each side, where it would normally fit my average-size head in the middle of that range. In my case, since the earcups don't have a near-infinite rotation like the Edifier H840 and H850 headphones do, I wear the headband further back on my head to get a better fit. Even then, the range of adjustment should be sufficient to fit the majority of heads smaller and larger than mine.

    The H750 is also an ideal portable headphone in that it can be pulled off the head when not in use, and worn around the neck with the earcups pulled all the way out. A sturdy cloth carry-bag is included, and since the earcups fold in to the headband, it makes a compact package for carrying in backpacks or luggage. There's a lot of competition in low-cost headphones these days, particularly among the no-name or OEM brands, but Edifier makes quality headphones, and I've used them for a long time. Highly recommended.
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