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    Oct 28, 2013
    Have had these earphones for 2 days and each time i listen my smile just gets bigger.
    I bought them from
    Right on to the review.
    The headphones come solely on their own - no case just the earphones and 3 pairs of tips.
    The build quality is fantastic and so far the cable does no suffer from interference.
    I got these earphones for £58.99 - B grade as the box was damaged.
    Right out of the box the ear phones sounded muddy and the treble was piercing and i was kinda i decided to burn them for a whole night and the sound the next day was so different and very very pleasing.

    The bass was deep and powerful with out being in your face. The treble was sparkling and quite bright but very detailed. Midrange was superb - I would go as far to say they are even better then my Westone UM2 which are nearly 5x the price of my Adagios.
    These phones do rock,indie and pop very well. Guitars are shredding and you can hear every nuance in the recording as these phones were so detailed.

    Music wise i decided to test them fully with:

    Dire Straits - Money for Nothing - The drums are immense at the start - huge soundstage. And when the guitar kicks in boy it's amazing. You can hear every note. It certainly made me tap my feet. The vocals were fantastic too - you can hear Mark Knopfler breathe.

    Next song i decided to listen to was

    Korn - Faget - Now this song has so many things happening. You can hear every bass note and every guitar strum. I was finding out stuff i never knew existed in the recording. Jonathan Davis's vocals were the highlight - you could hear the emotion/pain in his voice, i was in awe of this recording through these phones. They blew my Westones away and my Etymotic ER-4P's. These phones must be best buy i ever done musically. They really are that good.

    I then decided to listen to some R.E.M - Orange Crush.

    Oh wow - the bass line on this song is so groovy. you can feel every note and it makes me nod my head as i enjoy the audiable experience. The bass on the Adagio's is the best bass i have heard in any earphones and that include my old Senn's IE8's. Stype's vocal are so forward in the mix and you can hear evrey word and breath. The midrange is lush and slightly forward but this makes rock music sound awesome. Vocals are non sibilant and bass is rich n warm.

    For £69.99 you get a lot of phones for your money and when i compare to my Etymotics and Westones I just sit there thinking wow i got a bargain.
    This purchase was originally meant for bus journeys so i dont break my westones/ety's but the sound is so rich, detailed and engaging that i have decided to even wear them for home use.

    I would class these as best in ear phones for under £150.00 and can even take on the big players and hold their own.

    My Westone's and Ety's have a rival. A rival which is well cheaper.

    Bargain buy of the year -Tick.
    Rival to the big players - Tick

    Highly recommended. But do ensure you burn themin for 8 hours using pink noise and dance music.

    Hope you enjoyed my mini review.

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