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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BigBen, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Feb 11, 2009
    Less than 24 hours ago my wife, bless her, tasked me with finding suitable headphones for our two little monsters to use with their portable DVD players. They needed to be here before the weekend, ready for a long trip.

    A bit of research later I happened across this site. I found the Children's section, read through the options, and chose two pairs of suitable cans for the brats.

    Nothing out of the ordinary there. Having purchased them, securely, I later received an email from them telling me "The anticipation is coming to an end – your Skullcandy Icon Headphones in Chrome have been picked, packed and are ready for the postman to pick up."

    I thought that was (a)excellent customer service and (b)quite amusing. Far more interesting than most online retailers' emails.

    At tea time on the same day I get another email "Your purchase has just left our premises and is looking forward to arriving in its new home."

    Most impressive.

    Even more impressive is that my order was posted through the door about two hours ago, and this was using the cheapest delivery option available! The goods are perfectly packaged; the kids will love them, because they have skulls on them.

    I whole-heartedly recommend Hi Fi Headphones to you all. It's just a shame I don't purchase headphones that often!

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