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    Aug 30, 2008
    The problem of safe storage for Grado headphones has now been solved with the availability of a headphone case designed specifically for Grado headphones.

    Grado Headphone Carry Case

    If you own a pair of Grado headphones, you will no doubt been a little surprised by the Grado packaging your headphones arrived in. To be honest it's a bit of a shock to receive such high quality headphones in such basic cardboard packaging.

    The new official Grado Headphone Case is very well built from high impact material and is made to store your Grado headphones safely. The case is ideal for storage while travelling or just to safely store your headphones at home.

    The carry case has a special moulded interior (see photo below) to fit all Grado headphone models, except the iGrado and GS1000.

    Grado Headphone Carry Case - internal photo

    The case is designed to fit the following models - Grado SR60, Grado SR80, Grado SR125, Grado SR225, Grado SR325i, Grado RS2 and the Grado RS1.

    The case DOES NOT fit Grado GS1000 or iGrado headphones.

    More Information

    For more details about the Grado Headphone Case and the rest of the Grado headphone range please visit the HiFi Headphones store.
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