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    Please do register on this forum and post your reviews, impressions and comparisons of headphones, earphones and related accessories (e.g. headphone amps, DACS, cables, etc) in this forum.

    We love to read other peoples opinions and it helps others make informed buying decisions.

    Feel free to write as little or as much as you want to. There are no rules.

    Review Guidelines

    Below are a few simple guidelines to consider before posting your review in this forum:

    1) Please create your review with a title that includes the make and model of the earphones, e.g. "Review of SoundMAGIC PL50".

    2) To make your review easy to read please break up the review into headings. For example, below are some ideas for suitable headings:

    • Sound Quality
    • Comfort
    • Sound Isolation
    • Build Quality
    • Conclusion
    3) Feel free to make comparisons with other headphones you own or know well.

    4) Let everyone know what equipment you are running your headphones with, e.g. source, cables.

    5) Please give an idea of your tastes in music. Even if you like a big variety of different musical styles, let us know what you are currently listening to most or quote some tracks you used to review or compare the headphones.

    Thank you

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