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  1. shock

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    Jul 18, 2011
    So I've used DT770 pros with a Fiio e11 amp for the past several years for most of my listening, and they are great for the warm, bass heavy sound that I love. They are fantastic for electronic music and acoustic music with clear, deep notes.

    However, I've gotten into a lot more metal (death, symphonic, and black) and the DT770s can't handle the distortion at all. I still really enjoy the depth of the bass, but am looking for a new headphone that can keep clear both the deep thud of the bass drum and the texture of the mids. I don't mind losing some of the very highest treble.

    I tried the Grado sr325se's with my amp, and turned the bass EQ up a bit, assuming I could achieve the balance of bass depth and "crispness" that I want, but they still sounded incredibly flat and boring. No better than $25 earbuds to me.

    If it helps, I'm trying to replicate the sound I have in my RAV4 car speakers, which have incredible clarity, heaviness and punchiness to the bass drum while still keeping the rest of the instruments clear. Hearing the detail and power of fast, technical drum-playing is important to me.

    My budget is around $300. I prefer closed back, if possible.
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    Jul 3, 2011
    Charleston South Carolina
    V-MODA M100. There is no better.

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