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    Educational Headphones for Schools & Colleges

    Source: Headphones for Schools, Colleges and Learning Centres

    Headphones for education have some special requirements that set them apart from the type of headphones used for listening at home or on the move.

    At the HiFi Headphones store we have built up considerable experience with the features that will most beneficial in an educational environment.
    Educational Children’s Headphones

    Durability and Robust Build

    Durability is obviously a major factor, as the headphones need to be able to deal with daily use by the most animated students. Rugged design of the headphone itself and good strain relief on the cabling are features to look out for. Headphone cabling is normally the most delicate component, so make sure that it is protected as it enters the earpieces and at the join with the jack plug.

    Reduce Distraction

    Reducing distraction of the student is one reason you may choose to work with headphones in your class. Headphones with closed back earcups ensure external noise is blocked out and your students remain on task.

    Comfortable & Lightweight

    Lightweight, comfortable designs ensure the students are happy to wear the headphones without complaint for extended periods. Look out for adjustable headbands (make sure they can adjust small enough) and low headphone weight.
    Robust Educational Headphones

    More Information

    For a full range of Educational Headphones for many applications as well as a wide selection of Children's Headphones, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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