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Discussion in 'Full Size Headphones' started by oohmygod831, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. oohmygod831

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    Jan 20, 2012
    Hi everyone, another audiophile forum newbie here in need of some help.

    I am after some new headphones, I currently use Sony MDR-XD200 which have been ok so far but I would like better if possible, bearing in mind I need them to be under £100 if poss.

    I need them to be over the ear not on ear and to be closed as I don't want to subject others to my musical tastes (or lack thereof).

    I mainly listen to music through my ipod and don't want to use an amp. I listen to all sorts of music, rock, pop, jazz, easy listening, classical so basically I can go from Evanesence to Elgar.

    Now I am the sort of person that likes to try something out before buying it or at least see it physically and not just from a picture on the internet, so off i went to my local Curry's as they have a selection of headsets to try and i didnt like any of them.

    I then happened upon a Sony Centre and tried on a pair of MDR XB500 and wow they were the most comfortable headphones ive ever tried, the sound was pretty good as well so ive been trying to get a hold of the MDR XB700 but cant get them anywhere, even sony out of stock.

    Ive also tried some Sennheiser HD518 and HD 558 and these were both amazingly comfy and the sound was amazing but they were open backed and i worry about how much sound leaks out.

    As a result I have been trying to decypher the information available on the internet regarding whats available which is how I came upon this forum.

    Looking through some of the reviews on here I've seen several that could fit the bill i think but i would like some advice as to which if any are the best.


    DENON AH-D1100

    Sennheiser HD 215

    If anyone knows where i could get the Sony MDR XB700 or if they are as good or better than the others ive listed

    So to recap, id like a nice comfy pair of over ear headphones that i can use with my ipod but without the use of an amp all for under £100. I dont care what they look like as im just using them at home.

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  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Out of everything you have mentioned I would go for the Denon D1100 everytime. The Sony MDR XB700 is a taste thing though - you might prefer this as it has a slightly more contemporary sound - I would still go for the D1100.:)
  3. audiomind

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    Feb 16, 2012
    Grado, Denon, Sennheiser

    i used a Sennheiser HD 380 pro and it's nice, but a bit to nice... it has very good passive noise isolation but in the end i sent them back cause the sound seamed not natural to me. i am no way saying it's bad. but the design makes it such that you ears are totally enclosed and you can actually feel like you are in a box... to isolated from environment... so i guess it;s a taste thing for me

    i exchanged them for a Grado i80 which has a much more natural sound since it's a open headphone. but it reallt depends on what amp you are suing, as when i listen to my iPop i am not really impressed but when i use a AMP i can get better sound (by tweaking the EQ as well)

    what I am looking at now is some wood headphones. i found this brand called Meze. as a friend of mine told me he saw this headphones at an electronics fair... all i can find now is their website Meze Audiophile Headphones - perfect natural sound i wonder if they are truly in production since i can;t seem to find them on any online store

    but all in all: my new goal is to get some Bose. i tested the Triport and it's really amazing! most comfortable headphone i ever tried. and they come for around 100 if i remember correctly
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