Help for new pair of in-ear earphones

Discussion in 'Portable Headphones & Earphones' started by soong, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Dec 17, 2010
    Sorry for posting two similar posts on this forum. This is my 3rd day on this forum :D
    Anyways, I previously posted about "Sennheiser vs Denon vs Klipsch." I still haven't have decided yet. However, I would like to hear from other people, which ones are good for classical music. I heard Sennheiser use a speaker that's similar to the headphone's, and people on youtube said it was good for bass, not classic. Other people said it was the same for Klipsch.
    I currently have ATH-CK300M, which are in-ear earphones, and ATH-ES55, which are over-the-ear headphones. I really do like the sound from the ATH-ES55 when I'm listening to classical musics.
    At the moment, the local store only has Sony, Sennheiser, Pioneer, and Audio-Technica. Which in ear earphones under $50 are good for listening to classical music? (btw, I hate over-the-ear earphones. Too much hassle and stress.)
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    New pair of in-ear earphones

    Most under £50 earphones are aimed at to enhance bass response and the clarity if often not that great. If you like the sound signature of the Audio-Technica ATH-ES55, then the Sennheiser CX300-II would probably be the best bet.

    If you can stretch the budget a bit I would have a think about earphones like the Phonak Audeo PFE or Westone UM1.

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