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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by Bumblebee, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Bumblebee

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    Oct 31, 2010
    Hi there!

    I am hoping that you can really help me out here and save my brain from mindblowing indecision!

    I am looking for an in-ear headphone set that costs less than £100. I saw the Klipsch Image S4 audio and the Phonak audeo PF Bass 012 and had no idea which one would suit. I am looking for a set that offers good quality audio and also a sturdy design. I had the Dr Dre in ear set last time and they cost me a good deal of money and the wires became exposed at the earphone within weeks - and I looked after them dearly! The last thing I want to do is spend £100 and have sound cut out or something. I am totally aware that there are more expensive in ear headphones on the market that are of top-notch quality, but I really do have to stick with a budget of £100. The music I listen to is alternative, garage, trance and some hip-hop.

    On a separate note, I also had a question about the Phonak 012's iPhone control. As this model also doubles up with an iPhone mic, does this take away from the sound quality in any way? I mean you'd think with such a feature that you'd be getting less sound quality for your money but I'm probably wrong. I was looking at the Bose mobile in ear headset but had this concern also, and was also put off by the lack of reviews on the internet.

    As you can see I have totally overthought everything due to being so desperate, so if you could give me some advice I'd be incredibly grateful.

    Thanks for reading :)
  2. Shaun-HiFi

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Which in-ear headphones?

    The Phonak Audeo PFE 012 and Klipsch Image S4 are both good headphones. The Phonak is definitely better value for money, with sound that is more like a £150 headphone. The Klipsch S4 is about what you get at that price point.

    The sound is very different. The PFE 012 is more about accuracy and clarity than big bass. The Klipsch S4 is much warmer and chunkier sounding.

    Another earphone worth considering is the Beyerdynamic DTX100 (or MMX100). This has a big chunky sound (like the Klipsch S4), but looks and feels a little better made.

    Introducing a microphone to an earphone makes no difference to the sound quality. It's just an extra wire inside the cable going down to the phone.

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