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    Apr 3, 2010
    Hi everyone,

    I've just created an acount exclusively to ask for your help. In the first place, I must admit I loved this forum, have never seen such insteresting reviews and detailed info anywhere. Second, I DO KNOW that this forum has a lot of questions exactly like this. I also do know that you may be tired of answering such identical ("wich one???", "help me pleeeease!!!") posts, so I did google and read the most if not all of them before creating this one.
    But although there were many recomendations for other users, I really think some 'personal' help would be nice in the end. So, if you could spend a few minutes typing a couple words it would be very, very helpful to me. Well, let's to the fact:

    My friend is arriving from US next week (I'm from Brazil), and he is the only chance I've got to get a "decent" phone, since due to taxes a US$ 40 Senn CX300 (US$ 1 = R$ 1,80) is costing R$ 169 (!!!) here, what makes it insane to buy. Until now I've never had (or even tested) any phone but the earbuds that came with my mp3 players (nowadays a Philips GoGear). After reading that using a nice phone is like a blind guy seeing fot the first time, I decided it was time to buy one. So, here's what I'm looking after:

    - I WANT an IEM. I can't buy a headphone, cause I mostly listen to music on the bus or walking.

    - I WILL buy from, so the only prices that matter to me are theirs.

    - My BUDGET IS US$ 50. It means R$ 90, which is quite A LOT here. Of course a US$ 55 phone is ok, but not a 80 bucks one.

    - I NEED an resistent phone, since there will be no suport or waranty after purchace around here
    (I also will have to keep whichever I chose, cause there's no way to return it)

    - As I said, I've never used an IEM, don't have a clue about how they would fit on ears. So, I WANT them as confortable as possible. Also, I cannot buy tips or foams later, so I will have to use only the included ones.

    - I listen to music on (at?) heavy traffic, so I would like a good noise isolation (nice isolation + confort is possible? lol)

    - I DON'T WANT "super bass", "distortion" or these things, I just wanna play the music with fidelity, as it was suposed to be.

    - I mostly LISTEN to: a lot of piano (Keane, Coldplay, Norah Jones), folk (Jack Johnson, Noah and the Whale), some guitar (John Mayer), some "soft-heavy" (Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold) and alt/indie rock (Strokes, Kooks)...

    - I almost NEVER LISTEN to: "old" rock (Beatles, Jetrho Tull), metal (Metallica, Slipknot), classical, eletronic, or hiphop.

    Well, guess is it. Oh, some models that I heard of and interested me: Senn CX300, Image S2, Shure E110 (my price limit), NuForce NE7, MEElec M11, Skullcandies...

    I know that everyone has his personal taste, and I'm not expecting a miracle or a high-end sound at this price, but I would be REALLY glad if you could give me some sugestions/tips about these and others models, along (if possible) with arguments/links/reviews that justify them.

    Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!!!

    ps: Sory for my bad english, and for such a huge text, but I think that the most complete the better, right?

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