iBasso T4: Photos and thoughts

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    Mar 18, 2009
    First off i'd like to thank Shaun for the swift service on the iBasso T4, ordered last Friday and received Saturday morning.

    Ordered the T4 to pair up with my recently bought Phonak Audeo PFE iems. These are a great pair of iems that have great detail and clarity, similar to the Etymotic ER4 but with better bass presence. They have filters which affect the sound, grey for better detail and black for a better bass response. Only thing for me was that my Sennheiser IE8 had a much wider and deeper soundstage, and better bass response.

    Decided after reading a few posts over at headfi that they may amp well. Had decided a while ago that i wouldnt use amps anymore due to the extra weight and bulk to carry, but the small size of the T4 drew me in!

    Initially gave the amp 24hrs burn in and then started to put it through its paces, paired with a sony s639 and the pfe's. Sound from this little amp is top notch, with the Phonaks it adds soundstage and gives the bass an added kick without losing any of the detail of the mids/highs.
    Doesnt work quite so well with my Senn IE8's but i dont feel they need amping anyway.

    I would imagine that this little amp would work well the Sleek Audio's and possibly the ETY er4p(both of which i have owned in the past).



    Here is a link to my post with more pics on headfi, gives an idea of how small amp is.

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII] - Page 145 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio

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