If Sound Could Travel Through Space..

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    Feb 21, 2014
    The original Aliens film was famously accompanied by the phrase 'In space, nobody can hear you scream', but what if sound waves could travel in a vacuum?

    The biggest effect would probably be from the sun, unless we're being visited by teenage Martians with sub-bass speakers fitted to their flying saucers. With all the sun's nuclear activity, even the convection of all that material is going to make a bit of noise.

    It has been worked out that even from our position on earth, the sun's noise would reach 100 decibels so there would be no need for alarm clocks. We would need to regulate how long we spend outside as we may get hearing damage, rather than skin damage!


    The sun is no match for a baby though, who's scream can reach 130 decibels - it's just as well we're not Teletubbies really.
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