If you buy from any other company you want your head testing!

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    Jul 15, 2010
    Where do I start. Wanted to buy a new pair of in earphones, did a bit of research on the web and identified Phonak PFE 012 as a potentail purchase. My search also identified Hifi Headphones as a retailer. Spoke to Robin, he asked what my mp3 player was (Sansa Fuse), what music I liked and what my hifi system was and sounded like. Robin immediately said the Phonaks would be the best choice, with the Westone UM1's a close second. Received the Phonaks and was slightly dissapointed as they were not as lively as expected and had my player running at 9/10 to get a sensible volume, tried the Phonaks on an iphone and they were brought to life. Spoke to Robin again and between us we concluded that because the Sansa Fuse (set at rest of world) was a lowish output and the sensitivity of the Phonaks being quite low it was clearly a compatability issue. I certainly did not want to have to invest in a new mp3. Robin suggested that as the Westone's were clearly a more sensitive design he would have a quick comparison and let me know, his response was that the Westone had a slightly more rounded tone but were clearly far easier to drive. Without any problem Robin said he would happliy exchange. I now have the Westones and I am a very happy man. What can I say other than give Hifi Headphones my highest recommendation.

    Regards, Alan Speed
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