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  1. epickilaa

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    Feb 4, 2015
    Hello if someone can help me choose some in ear headphones that would be great! my budget is 60 euros this are the price of the available headphones in my country
    SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro
    Final Audio Adagio II
    LogiLink Bluetooth Stereo Mini Headset BT0026
    Klipsch Image S3
    CoolerMaster Resonar
    Sony MDR-EX650AP
    Soundmagic E10
    Sony MDR-EX450
    RHA MA600
    Razer Hammerhead
    JBL J33
    Soundmagic PL30
    These are mostly under 50 euros i dont know much about their sound but i have heard good things about soundmagic and the driver from steel series i listen Electronic dance music not much dubstep so i want a good punchy bass no over punchy and hurt for my ears but i dont want other frequencies to be washed out like highs and i want good tremble i dont care much about mids but i dont want poor mids
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    I think you'll find the Soundmagics best for your music. The RHA 600 and the Final Audios are more accurate but not warm enough like the Soundmagics. I've had 3 different Soundmagics including the 2 you list, and there are differences, but would take forever to compare. You can Google reviews, or check the reviews in the forum here.

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