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  1. mjdevans

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    Jun 25, 2011
    Hi, I am looking at buying the Sennheiser CX880 for my mp3 player & would welcome any advice on alternatives.
  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Mark

    One feature which these have which is not often seen these days is a passive component volume control. These have nearly disappeared as tehy cost extra to put on but enthusiasts don't like to see components which effect sound in the signal path. The current alternative is the Apple style volume controller which electronically tells your phone or iPod to change the volume without a variable resistor.

    These would be good alternatives, at this price you begin to see more variety sound wise so these are in order of bassy to brightest sounding.

    Beyerdynamic DTX 101iE In-Ear Isolating Headphones in Silver

    Sennheiser IE6 In-Ear Noise Isolating Earphones (IE 6)

    Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earphones in Black (SE 215)

    Audeo PFE 012 Perfect Bass Earphones in Black (PFE-012)

    I would say let your taste in sound dictate which you choose as most of the names are reliable at this price point.

    Hope that helps, ask me more specific questions including some info about your sound preferences if you need more specific advice about one of the above.

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