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    I got the new Nano, 16 gb only in spite of video support (i.e. memory crippled), very good screen for its size, widescreen format (good), great sound, battery runs down quickly. Comes with earpods that have no Apple controls (another ???). All colors except grey come with a big white border around the screen (???). Mainly I wanted a cheap entry into the new dock connector - most everything else looks like a purely cosmetic update with no real substance.

    New iPod Nano first bug: I loaded 2 groups of video clips, about 100 clips, less than one(1) gb total. When the headphone is not connected each video in the first group plays at normal speed and each video in the second group plays at double speed. All were recorded off of DVD's on the same computer to iPod format using the same demo software. When I plug in the headphone the latter videos play at normal speed.

    Politics at Apple? We know that Apple, apparently in a bow to the RIAA et al, limits the iPhone from copying songs and videos from more than one computer. But no such limit exists for the iPods and iPads, suggesting that Apple's "rule" for the iPhone was just a way of dodging a fight while providing the full capability on the iPods and iPads. Now people have confirmed that the iPhone 5 cannot play at the full volume level of the iPhone 4, yet the tiny new iPod Nano, having far less power and battery strength, does play at the full volume level of the iPhone 4. So, is this another Apple scheme to avoid litigation over loud volumes and kids' hearing damage? A sneaky way for Apple to fool the folks at the RIAA and other lobby groups, and sell more iPods at the same time?
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