Is tv/audio sound switched off when earphone jack is inserted?

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    Nov 22, 2012
    I need broadcast sound at a high db level because I'm deaf(ish). My wife needs broadcast sound at a low db level because of sensitive hearing. Marital discord can ensue. Does plugging in a wireless headphone base station jack to a tv or other equipment switch off the broadcast sound, please? (That piece of information would be useful if attached to every unit description on your shelves).

    Or is this a function of the broadcasting unit (tv etc)?
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi there The Biking Viking!

    I really want to see what you look like on a Saturday afternoon - I'm hoping it's very Mad Max!

    You have correctly guessed the reason we do not mention what happens when you plug headphones into your TV. Whatever does happen is a function of the TV set and may or may not be adjustable - some have a function in the menu where you can choose if headphones will or will not cut out the sound.

    There are several ways past this though.

    TV sound cuts out when 3.5mm jack is plugged in -

    Look for a Phono/RCA stereo output on the back of the TV. If there is one you can use this to supply wireless headphones or a headphone amp (RCA/Phono outputs are line level with no volume so passive headphones need a small amp at least to give you a volume control. Wireless headphones have a built in amp and volume control.)

    No RCA/Phono? A spare SCART output can be converted using a £5 convertor from Ebay or Amazon - "Search SCART to RCA output Adaptor".

    No spare SCART Output? There should be a Digital Optical Output round the back (if it's a flat screen). You can use this excellent convertor -

    FiiO D3 Coaxial/Optical to R/L Audio Converter (DAC) in Black

    This will give you a super clean connection and is better than using any of the existing outputs on the TV.

    As for wireless headphones -

    Sennheiser RS120-II Wireless Open Back Headphones (RS 120-II)

    These are great, sturdy, sound good, long range, charging stand (so you don't forget!) , comfy and reliable with a 2 year warranty!

    Sennheiser RS170 Wireless Headphones (RS 170 Wireless Headset)

    These are their superb big brothers. Digital transfer means much higher sound quality and there is even a surround sound mode which is great for films. If you get this one don't let the wife listen or she will have them off you right away!:)
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