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Discussion in 'Full Size Headphones' started by headphoners, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Jun 26, 2013
    Got a question. it seems like much people here has the STX\K701 combo like me. I'd like to share a real problem I find with this combo: the K701 bass.

    While other cans trough the amped connector on the STX has healty and fleshy bass, the K701 seems to be too bass lacking. I know the K701 are bass bright, but there is almost no bass impact, and having a messy lows in higher volume.

    I find those cans to be very non-gaming cans couse of the lacking of bass. In games, where explosions and stuff, the low-end has alot of distorations. when I'm trying to EQ some lower fequencies in the STX driver control panel I get even more distorations instead of impact. those distorations in games and stuff seems to get very stronger as the master volume goes up.

    So what's the deal? does anyone has the problem as well?
  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    There are two things going on here - firstly this headphone is not known for bass impact. This means you will always be forcing your K701 to do something it isn't really designed for, EQing in more bass will cause distortion. Secondly, although the Xonar Essence STX (I think that is what you are refering to? Please correct me if not) is a really nice soundcard, it too is reasonably linear and will not add warmth to the headphone - I would expect this combination to sound cool and bright.

    One solution would be to get a mains powered amp and simply use this nice card as a DAC. I wouldn't favour this solution as it sounds to me like you could spend forever getting the right amp for the job and it could be expensive too! I would look at getting another headphone which has better synergy with the STX. There is much wider variation in the amount of bass you can dial in by choosing the headphone than by trying to EQ with amps. You could even get some of your money back by selling the current K701 once you have found the perfect replacement. Although I havent played with this card it is really well regarded so my accessment is that new cans are the easiest path to getting the sound you want. Hope that helps, sorry if it is not what you wanted to hear.:)
  3. Shaun-HiFi

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Headphone Amplifier for AKG K701

    In my experience the AKG K701 is particularly picky about sources and headphone amps.

    I remember walking round a Head-fi meet with a pair of AKG K701's and being surprised how few amps it sounded good with. It naturally has quite a flat response - not very dynamic.

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