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    Jul 27, 2012
    The HifiHeadphones team is pleased to announce the new Sound Isolating Earphone from KEF, the M200 is now available to be purchased on our website.

    Taking on over 50 years experience in speaker design, KEF have re-created their celebrated full size speaker sound and made it portable with the M200 earphones. With KEF’s unique Dual Dynamic Driver technology the M200 offers detailed and engagingly natural sound with tight and controlled bass.


    Two dedicated dynamic drivers cleverly placed in the housing combine in two separate chambers to funnel detailed, engagingly natural sound into the ear canal. With a 5.5mm driver devoted to the mid and high frequencies and a dedicated 10mm driver for the bass region, the M200 captures the natural an integrate sounds of live performances. As the drivers encased in a lightweight aluminium housing the M200 offers a tight and resonance-free bass performance.

    KEF’s high performance audio cable incorporates an in-line microphone and remote for iPhone and Apple devices, smartphones, computers and other mobile devices. Included in the package of the M200 is a flight adapter, a protective case for storage and three pairs of silicone eartips.


    To ensure the perfect fit, the secure arm of frame folds to the shape of the ear while the ergonomic shell the and soft silicone eartips create a tight acoustical seal for an undiluted and private listening.

    To purchase the unit, please visit our website:

    Buy KEF M200 Premium In-Ear Sound Isolating Clip-On HiFi Earphones

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