Looking for headphones, main criteria minimal sound leakage

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    Jan 18, 2014
    I would be grateful for some advice please - I am looking for headphones, and one of the main criteria apart from sounding good is that they don't leak sound, as I listen to a lot of music in bed and don't want to disturb my other half. I have listened to a few pairs of phones in shops and they sound okay but you can never tell the effect of the music leaking in those environments. I currently have a few pairs of headphones (about the £40 to £50 price tag) and my favourites are my Sennheiser px200's - they sound good and they hardly leak any sound even at loud volumes. I bought a pair of Sennheiser px200ii's recently but sold them as they just didn't feel right (even after a few weeks wear they didnt sound as warm or fit as comfortably as the px200's).

    So I'm looking for a pair of phones that need to:
    They need to have decent bass but not in a BeatsDre style ! borrowed some of those for an evening recently, not pleasant listening to my ears at all
    Minimal sound leakage - very important
    Ideally over the ear style, not ear buds or on ear (the px200's are on ear but think i would prefer over the ear or slightly larger ear pads)
    Not too big that if I do wear them outside I don't look like a d**k! lol
    Price wise - up to about £200 is the most I'd want to pay

    My music tastes are generally rock, and to give an idea of music a song like It's "Late" by Queen - with loud rumbling bass, heavy drums and guitar would give you an idea - or Comfortably Numb - ie classic rock type music)

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    For good sound and very low leakage, such that you can play these in a quiet office without disturbing people in the adjacent cubicle, here's my choices:

    Beyerdynamic Tesla T51p Premium Portable Closed-Back Headphones

    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Closed Back Studio Headphones

    The T51p particularly has extremely low leakage so would probably be the best bet. I currently use the T51p more than any other, but not even for low leakage - the comfort is more than unusual for an on-ear - it's unique due to how the squishy earpads conform to the ears, filling in the ridges and recesses so there's no pinching.

    The new Beyerdynamic DT-1350 should perform similarly to the T51p, but I haven't yet tried the new "refresh" version, since I had 2 of the prior versions with the somewhat stiff earpads, and the new earpads not only lower the leakage, they make a difference to the sound.
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    Jul 27, 2012

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