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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by RazF, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. RazF

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    Sep 14, 2011
    Hi everyone

    Just recently my (ex-)current set of headphones broke down - for one of the wierdest reasons - I put them in my pocket when I was on an airplane, went up and walked a bit and after an hour or so when I took them out I noticed one of the earpieces was missing - must've been ripped out - that's a first for me. I have a ton of trashed headphones that stopped working because of cable problems or because I wasn't careful with them.

    So now I decided I've had enough with headphones that keep breaking (all of them are earbuds). I haven't decided which type I want yet - cups or not, but I think I want to go with cups simply because they seem more durable. I'm using the headphones with a smartphone, not at home or with an amp - . The main use for them is when I'm traveling (by bus) or when I'm at public places and need some peace and quiet and isolation (library etc) - they need to be comfotable. Carrying them isn't a problem if they're big (altough gigantic cans are not preferred). I don't want to spend a LOT of money on them, so 50£ is kind of my limit (I know it's not a lot)

    So in short - I want durable headphones that are comfortable to wear (not super heavy etc). It's okay if the sound isn't top-notch, I'm not picky. I tend to trash my headphones a lot so the cord needs to stand been tangled and the headset being in my bag most of the time. Still no idea what type to go with - in-ear or big full-sized, or even on-ear ones - I'm really new to the world of headphones.
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  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi RazF,

    Sturdy, portable and not too big or heavy, also with a mic and under £50

    WeSC Bongo Closed-Back Street Style Headphones Black

    Something like these should suit you. They actually sound better than you would imagine so I think you would be pleased with these:)

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