Mini-review of SoundMagic HP100

Discussion in 'Full Size Headphones' started by sjparker, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. sjparker

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Just thought I'd share my experience of the SoundMagic HP100 Headphones as I've finally settled on these after buying and returning a few other cans... I am in no way and audiophile but I use headphones a lot and that is what the following opinion is based on.

    I first purchased the Sennheiser HD 280 PRO's, in my opinion very good sound quality for the price but for my head, after just an hour of listening my ears felt like they'd been in a cage fighting match.
    Next, I bought the Audio‑Technica ATH M50. Again, for the price these are fantastic studio headphones but the only issue I found was that at higher volumes, the bass would cause ever-so-slight distortion.
    I then read that the What HiFi Award 2012 Best home on-ears £150+ went to the AKG K550 so I decided to give them a try. In all honesty, I hated them. I've read that real audiophile headphones favor an open airy sound over bass, but these just felt so flat and bland to me.
    I returned the AKG's straight away and decided to try the SoundMagic HP100's. My in-ears are SoundMagic E10's and they are fantastic for the price, so I thought I'd try one of their on-ear offerings. I've owned HP100's for while now and they are the most comfortable and best sounding headphones I've owned. Noise isolation is fantastic, they have a similar airy sound to the AKG550's but also have the big bass drops when required as well.

    They are the most expensive headphones I've bought, but well worth it my opinion. The styling is also growing on me. Build quality has been questioned on some other forums, so I'm just hoping the stand the test of time and lots of use.

    I'm very picky about the sound I like and it took me a long time to settle on these.

    In my opinion, 5 stars ;)
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    SoundMAGIC HP100 review

    Good to hear your comparisons between the SoundMAGIC HP100 v AKG K550. AKG's signature sound is rather flat. Many headphones in the AKG range are a little bit like Marmite... you either love them or hate them.

    The SoundMAGIC HP100's have just the right balance in my opinion. The upper bass notes are powerful without intruding overly on the mids. Very nice!
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    Excellent mini review SJP! Your thoughts echo mine on all of these headphones, especially the AKG K550, which I also hated for the same reasons! Now you can rest happy in the knowledge that you have about the best bang for your buck with the HP100, this is my favourite closed back for the money also.

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