My beloved UEs decided to perish

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  1. Hi,

    I've spent last 2 months looking for perfect headphones for use at home with a budget of up to about £250 and finally made up my mind to get the AKG K712 (and an amp some time in the future).

    But today the cable on my Ultimate Ears 3 decided to break after 7 years of amusing me. I really loved these earphones and compared the sound of much more expensive phones to the UEs (although with my very small head and tiny ears even smallest tips weren't exactly comfortable). Now they don't do them any more, cheapest UEs are about £300 and my old ones were about £70 which I think was absolute bargain.

    Now I'm totally baffled, as I need to get either two pairs of phones within this budget or a set of over-ears closed back headphones that I can use both at home and outside (although they would be used at home for 95% of time). I listen mostly to classic rock, sometimes some heavier stuff, classical music (love especially violin) and I would also use the phones for movies. My source is just a laptop at home and an iPod classic outdoors (both with lossless files). I'm after a clear, detailed and open sounding phones and I would like them to have a decent but not dominant lows - I'm by no means a bass head and I found my pre-UE Sennheiser CX-300 to be too much bass heavy. I tried the very praised Sennheiser Momentums over ears at my local store and to be honest I didn't much like them, sounded a bit artificial to me and not nearly as clear and detailed as my UEs. I don't really know what options I have and in which direction I should be looking, so please, help me out, I'm completely lost and distraught!

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    B&W P7 is the best match, although the B&O H6 is a possibility.

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