Need new sound isolating earphones

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  1. a1psx

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    Nov 30, 2010
    My husband would like new earphones for xmas. He has at the moment got some old Shure 110's and would like to upgrade them for some with better sound and better fit as these shures are quite chunky. They are used to listen to music on an i-phone when travelling on tubes and trains.
    What can you get that gives really good sound for under £150.
    I have shown him the Phonak PFE 022 how do they compare to shure's sound wise? He said something about them only having 1 driver!
    If Shure's are better which ones? Do you recommend any others (he wants them to fit neatly in the ear)?
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    Aug 30, 2008
    New sound isolating earphones

    Both the Shure SE110 and Phonak PFE 022 are single driver earphones, although the Shure uses a dynamic driver and the Phonak uses a balanced armature driver. This gives them a very different sound, with the Phonak being much more accurate and detailed.

    The Phonak PFE 022 would give a much more comfortable fit in the ear than the Shure SE110, thanks to their much smaller earphone design and more ergonomic shape.

    One thing worth mentioning is that the Phonak has relatively light bass response. If your husband likes more bass then something like the Beyerdynamic MMX100 would be worth considering.

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