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    Dear experts,

    I own a Koss Porta Pro which I used the past 2.5 years. They were OK, but now they're dead and I am looking for a new better sound. Could you please guide me or give me some advice?

    What I look for:

    1) a headset that reproduces all the frequencies at the same volume. Such a headset does not exist, I know.
    2) sound sources: my laptop's integrated Realtek HD 5.1 channel sound card and my Samsung Galaxy Gio which has a below average sound output
    3) I would prefer a closed back headset, but this is optional.
    4) maximum budget 100£. Budget is directly proportional to reliability. I know it is impossible to predict, but if the next pair is as reliable as my Porta Pros, then it's not worth buying. Ex: if the headset lasts 2 years, it should cost 20£; if it lasts 4 years, it should cost 65£, if it lasts more than 5 years, then it could be 90-100£, a higher price would probably make no sense to use on my audio sources.

    What I don't look for:

    The in-ear type. I tried 3 different in-ears and because of my ear channel shape, after just 15 minutes they become highly uncomfortable.

    What I already tried:

    The Koss Porta Pro has exactly the amount of bass I like, but it would be nice if the below 75 Hz would be more powerful, instead of the ~150Hz band. However I noticed that the singer's voice is lower than the rest of the sounds, so an eq is definitely needed (on laptop and phone).

    I tried quite a few other headphones (besides no-names) with prices below and over the Porta Pro, here are a few:
    Senheiser PX100 - no
    Senheiser HD 202 - no
    Senheiser HD 205 - no, and the swivel didn't convince me :)
    Senheiser HD 239 and a 429 - I felt an emphasis on mids, so they have a warmer sound, the guitar was really clear, and the singer's voice was ok, but nothing below 100Hz.
    Sony ZX100 - muffeled highs
    and another similar Sony around 20£ - sound totally distorted with bass all over the place
    some Philips at around 14-20£ - good bass, low highs; some eq improved it a bit
    Steelseries Syberia v2 - this is the sound I am looking for (on my audio sources), but they are difficult to drive, because the highest volume my audio card and phone can produce is under my maximum volume I can listen to. There is also a bit more expensive variant which comes with an USB sound card which amplifies the sound.

    a) If you have or tried a Siberia v2 can you share some thoughts?
    b) other suggestions for 100£ max?
    c) Would it make sense to just go for the Siberia v2 and not waste more time on looking for something else?

    Thanks in advance for your patience!
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