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Discussion in 'Full Size Headphones' started by TheNameIsJambo, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. TheNameIsJambo

    TheNameIsJambo Dynamic Driver

    Dec 30, 2010
    Hi all,

    I'm pretty new to this site, but it looks like the boys n girls here know their stuff. I originally posted this in the 'Ask the Experts' section, although the moderator is unfortunately on holiday. So I thought I'd ask the experienced public instead.

    So let me introduce myself. My name is Jamie, I hail from the proud Kingdom of Fife and I kill my soul slowly in the office every working day and strangely enough, this is exactly where I listen to music 80-90% of my day and where I'm writing this right now.

    I've been a massive music and movie buff for the better part of my 'adult' life. Considering 'Adult' = Whenever you really start appreciating the best your senses have to offer.

    So, down to business.

    My current headphones = Bose Triport On-Ear.

    Don't judge me.

    The reasoning behind this madness was:
    1. Impressive sound quality from such small housing.
    2. They say Bose.
    Only joking! I just think they suited my needs best at the time. They offered up least disruption to the office and commuters/general public in a small package. Plus I thought I'd try one of the largest 'poser' brands in the industry. (Not saying that I'm made of money or anything, they were an impulse purchase which left my bank balance considerably poorer.)

    The reason I want to trade in these overpriced nutshells is because the housing is beginning to rattle more than a deprived heroin addict! And it is literally driving me crazy. I think this is more to do with the ridiculously cheap build - both the feeling and look - from such an overpriced product. And to be honest, the sound isn't that great, but it does step on the toes of the bigger boys out there, especially for an supra-aural alternative!

    I've been looking at some extreme-bass alternatives, since these Triports are extremely bassy themselves (for their size). I'm not too bothered as to which kind of headphones I buy - supra/circum-aural. Just aslong as they sit on or around your ears and boom you're immersed. And I think the feeling of pure immersion from a pair of cans is what matters most.

    I've tried a few headsets and the Triports really tickled my pickle at the time, I don't know why.. There is just something about the sound that they produce that keeps drawing me back and I need to find something that can trump it; something that gives 110% rather than 100%.

    I've been looking at 'DJ' or 'Pro' headphones with lowish resistance (So I don't need an amp) to replace these little blighters and I'd prefer them to be closed-back (or I'd be in trouble with my extremely grumpy colleague) but if semi/fully open-back can produce a higher quality sound, then I'm all over it. He can live with Pearl Jam, Pendulum and Rodrigo y Gabriela - I'm sure.

    Audio technica
    Why these? Mainly because you've recommended them [open-back variation] on almost every page here. Plus the 53mm driver = Wow.

    SHURE SRH840
    Why these? Shure = Creamy pants of build qualities. They've been around since the dawn of time, haven't they? And to my surprise, these cans aren't recommended anywhere on the site, but I've heard of their power to be awesome.

    Why these? I really don't know. Plus they're open-back. I've had Sennheisers in the past, they sounded good.. Great infact, but they just weren't comfy. I've had 2 pairs of earphones/headphones from Sennheiser and they fatigued my ears, physically, to wear them. But these look like the best low impedance cans that they have to offer.

    SONY MDR-XB700
    Why these? Well from what I believe.. That these both deliver mind melting bass. Although the bass can be loose and slightly overpowering.

    Why these? They look like the mutts nuts of on-ear headphones. Great range. 40mm diameter boom-boxes crammed into those mini-cans!

    Why these? I've heard great things about these (PX200- Especially for the price: £60)... But they're Sennheiser...

    That's my 2 cents. And I hope you aren't throwing monitors or rocks my way because of my current choice of headphones! ;)

    Those aren't the choices I'm narrowing myself down to, I'm open to any and all recommendations; even to gimmicky headphones such as Marshall Major's!

    Just to remind y'all of what I'm after:
    • Low impedance headphones
    • Under £200 (I can't justify paying something equivalent to a mortgage for a headset, no matter how astounding they are. Not all of my music is 320kbps or in a lossless format either[Except Pink Floyd], which would defeat all purposes of ultra-rich cans.)
    • Preferably closed-back
    • If an open-backed alternative gives more 'character' then I'll definitely invest in them in-stead.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. kelvinmunson

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Buckinghamshire, England
    Hi Jamie

    I have been using a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 pro for the past 5 months and although I think they can be lacking a little bit as far as bass is concerned I've found them lightweight and very comfortable to wear, even for extended listening.

    If you are looking at closed back for sound isolation, then these should be certainly be OK in your office, I bought them to use in the living room while my partner was watching the TV. I listen to electronic and rock music and even at reasonably high volume levels I have so far received no complaints from her.

  3. TheNameIsJambo

    TheNameIsJambo Dynamic Driver

    Dec 30, 2010
    Thanks for the info Kelvin! I've seen those before. I'm pretty sure my local store has them.

    I think I'm headed for the SRH-840s. I will look impressive at home and work with monster sized headphones on.

    Going to invest in an DAC amp and an iPod LOD cable for optimum audio fidelity. There's only one way to enjoy your music and that's when it's at its best and the SRH-480s seem like a good place to start.


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